All In One Moisturizer

Hi! I wanted to send your team a quick note to say WOW!!! I’ve been using the conditioner spritz since it was available at my local pet food store 3 years ago ish, love it. I started using it on my own hair to see if it would make a difference. I had been using the Bumble and Bumble kelp shampoo…. for 60$ a bottle! Since I have bleached ends I figured there’s no where to go but up if this works and dang. It WORKED. I so appreciate the quality of your products and the scents as well. My pups always smell good! now you’re saving me loads of money with a way better product, i’m so pleased. Thanks for being so great and if you’re ever in the market for some graphic design let me know i’d be happy to help. -Julia

“I use the moisturizer on my hands, I work in the hospital and I’m constantly washing my hands, which dries them out to the point where they crack, the moisturizer works amazing on them!” -Anne

“Before and after of Dixie’s nose using k9 kelp Wax. Our vet said there was nothing we could do to help as it was a common issue for this type of breed. Just after a week of treatment her nose looks way better. Thank you!” -Amanda

“I purchased a puppy kit at Pet-A-Palooza in Victoria to try the products and I have to say the moisturizer is amazing. I have used it 4 or 5 times. Before his elbows looked very dry, and red with no fur growing and already there is fur growing back and it looks less irritated. He is not a fan of baths (or the spray conditioner) but we will get there. Thank you again for your help!” -Tara

“Mauja and Atka spend a lot of time outside, especially when its cold. Believe me, it’s their choice. I have to drag them inside or they would spend every minute in the freezing Montana weather. They were built for it!

It is dry in Montana. Really dry. That’s a great thing in the summer. No humidity? Awesome! But in the winter… we have humidifiers going nonstop. I have asthma and literally cannot breathe outside at times. It is dry, dry, dry. Bad news for their paws and snouts.

I don’t know much about kelp other than that it grabs my legs at the beach and sends me into a panic. Not only are there multiple types of kelp (who knew?), but kelp has many positive attributes as well. Some of these attributes include a high nutritional value, improved digestive health, anti-inflammatory properties, stress relief, and antioxidants.

Maybe I should be eating some kelp? K9 Kelp found a way to take the wonderful properties of kelp and make beneficial products for dogs. I am so happy to share the K9Kelp Moisturizer with you! This is going to be wonderful during the long, dry winter.

Atka’s snout tends to get dry during the winter, but they both have dry paw pads year round. I’ve tried a few different products to help prevent the cracking, but I haven’t found one that really worked for us. Either I wasn’t happy with the ingredients or I didn’t see positive changes.

I have been using the K9 Kelp Moisturizer on the dogs pads for about a week now and am seeing really positive changes! Their pads were really rough to the touch and starting to crack in areas. I know that the pads get rough over time and aid in protection, but the cracking definitely isn’t good. After one week, the cracking is has become very minimal” – ItsDogorNothing.com Product Review

Thank you for the fantastic moisturizer K9 Kelp!  I am amazed! You weren’t exaggerating about how amazing it is even on human psoriasis!  Only 2 days and I see HUGE improvements on some of my roughest areas. – Mandy

Thanks K9 Kelp! My dog had trouble walking due to dry and sore paw pads.  After using your moisturizer for just 1 week, per paws are improving and she can now walk much better. – Donna

I want to thank you so much for such wonderful products!!!  My little Murphy who is suffering with congestive heart failure and edema in his lungs has benefited tons from the kelp.  His skin and hair have become soft and supple again and my vet is very impressed!

The shampoo and spritzer were so helpful in relieving his dry skin caused by his health issues and gave him so much relief!

Murphy and I thank you so much!! – Alicia Vassallo

I your lip balm!!!! – Colleen

“Is there somewhere to rate 10 stars?! I LOVE all your products. A+ to the whole K9 Kelp line – Dane Approved!” – Jonnie

Soothing Shampoo Treatment

“Just bought my puppy the shampoo and I can’t believe how soft her fur is. I was a little turned off by the smell but once it was rinsed and she dried it smelled fresh and clean! Keep up the good work!” – Allison

“Just wanted you to know I love your products! I have the kelp flakes, the shampoo and conditioner for my 12yr old Golden Retriever. She has always had chronic skin issues and with this stuff it has greatly improved”. Thank you! ” – Carlotta

“K9 Kelp relieved our allergies! My dog Nala and I have terrible allergies. During peak allergy season, I bathe Nala weekly to reduce the amount of dust and pollen she carries around and drags into the house. I used to worry about this drying out her skin and making her itchiness worse, but K9 Kelp has been the ideal solution. It’s so nourishing that her itchiness is much less, even with weekly bathing, and her coat is far softer than it was with any natural shampoo we tried before. K9 Kelp is the only shampoo I trust for Nala. Thank you for helping us through allergy season!” – Sonia

“I bathed my dogs with your shampoo a few days ago and was struck by how incredibly soft their fur was afterwards. Flash forward a few days and it’s still soft. I also love how it’s not overly sudsy and easy to rinse.” – Kim

I was using the same shampoo I had for years, then saw the Kelp shampoo and thought I’d try it, After using it I brought back my old shampoo and will never buy anything else again.  Great product! – Nicole

“So the dog in the photo (my canine roommate and bedhog), has significant allergies year round. The K9 Kelp shampoo is the only over the counter product I’ve found that is successful in soothing his dermatitis when it flares up. I put straight shampoo to soak the affected areas and it makes a huge difference in relieving his itchiness, especially his feet.

The ingredients are gentle enough that they don’t irritate his already sensitive skin and I can give him a good scrub down when he gets into dirt, mud or his favorite… horse candy! It takes out all the smell and he is insanely soft for days afterwards.

I highly recommend this line of products for allergy-ridden pooches! (as well as the doggos who think mud baths are the ultimate spa experience!

– Joni Love

“I have been using the shampoo on Luther’s arm pit and I cannot believe the difference!!! I took pictures from the day I started using it until today (3 different applications) You are more than welcome to use them for your website. I should tell you that he has had problems with his armpit before and I tried several things to fix it. I finally had to take him to the vet to have him put on antibiotics. The fact that this problem has cleared up in a few days by washing the area with your shampoo is incredible!!!”

I am so happy 🙂 – Buffy

“My name is Niki. Greg Thomas introduced me to your products.

My Great Dane is allergic to fleas, and has horribly dry skin. These before and after pictures speak for themselves. I have tried everything under the sun to help my poor Lady. Absolutely nothing helped, until my friend told me to try your products.

The dog shampoo, kelp flakes, and balm have given Lady her life back. The first ingredient is love. And I definitely see the love in those after pictures. I also received the essential oil spray. I’m almost embarrassed to admit that I don’t use that on the dogs. In the greatest accident ever, I found out that spray calms seasonal allergies with my teenager, calms a cranky 6 year old, AND calms a stressed out mom. It also makes my dry skin feel new again.
It smells amazing!!!

First ingredient love? Why yes! and we have nothing but love for these products. Thank you thank you thank you!”

– Niki from Whidbey Island, WA”

Premium Kelp Blend

I love the Kelp Blend, I am very pleased with the results on my Irish Red and White Setters.  Their coats are amazing! – Mary

I put all 6 dogs on it and the results are amazing.  Lacey the mom who lost all her hair after whelping as an amazing thick coat and they are all so shiny.

I have also taken one bitch off her thyroid as she looks great on the kelp blend alone. – Aingeal Kennels

I can’t believe the progress.  It is like magic.  It works perfectly.  Thank you so much.  I will definitely buy the Kelp Blend again. – Ugar (Turkey)

I just wanted to send you a quick email to tell you how pleased I am with your kelp dog spritz.  It came in very useful the other night. My chocolate lab ran full tilt into a burdock bush attempting to retrieve a sandwich underneath.  He was quite a sight, covered from his head to the tip of this tail with burrs.  I had no success trying to remove them by hand and limited success with his brush. I sprayed him with your product and the burrs just slid off with the brush.

I’m grateful that I had your product on hand, it really helped resolve a problem that was quite distressing to him. Extra bonus that he smelled awesome afterwards. – Michelle D.

I did buy the Spritz and my dogs LOVE it!!! Now when I get out they get up on the couch and wait for their “spritz”. It’s hilarious, they really do love it that much!

Thanks K9 Kelp. – Debbie M.

Polar is 15 years, 3months old, (he’s the black & white fur baby).  He has really bad arthritis from all the many miles he and I have walked/hiked.  He spent his youth coming to construction sites in downtown Vancouver for 10 years of his life. He has had many adventures most dogs don’t.  He has been on TV 3 times and even did a radio interview with Rick Huff from CBC radio.  The Rosedale on Robson in Vancouver even had a “where’s” Polar column in there monthly news letter.

I take him to aqua therapy and he is also getting cartophen shots.  Since starting on the K-9 kelp, I have seen an improvement in his mobility and his coat is extra soft and shiny.  He was getting stuck at night and I was having to get up and help him up.  We’ve not had to do that for some time now.

My other dog Sadie is 13 years 1 month, she is very active and has no other issues except a thyroid problem which we manage with medication daily.  Since starting her on k-9 kelp, she shed significantly less and again her coat is super soft and shiny.  With her thyroid issue, her coat was sometimes very course and she shed like crazy.

Thank you, we are always looking for natural healing methods.

– Julia, Polar & Sadie

Lip Balm

“These K9 Kelp lip balms are hands-down the best I’ve ever used: they keep lips moisturized without having to constantly re-apply, are not greasy, and I love the natural SPF 30 from carrot oil. Two years ago I stumbled across them in a grocery store in Vancouver, BC, and by the time I headed home, it was clear to me I should have bought several more. So I found their website and now order 3-packs to ship to Seattle! I have turned on several friends to these lip balms, and initially, I was unaware that most of the wonderful products they make are for animal companions with sensitive skin issues. I am so grateful to Patricia for being so passionate about her products and her mission, with proven results. I see myself a customer for life!

– Greg from Seattle, WA.”

Shampoo and Conditioning Spritz

“I’m LOVING this K9 Kelp shampoo and conditioning spritz, smells so good helps my baby’s sensitive skin and keeps her coat extremely soft and shiny. All natural and made in BC which makes it all that much better! highly recommend this for all you guys ‼️ *this isn’t a sponsored ad, I just simply love this product”

– #ruthlessrhea”